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Paradise is closer than you think, so is Home Ownership!

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An accomplishment many want, but fear it's just a pipe dream.  Don't fall victim to procrastination and call us today.  Whether the evaluation confirms you're ready now or not, we will work with every borrower to place them on the path to homeownership.  The American dream can come true, you just need to take the first step!

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At some point this will become a topic in your finances once you own.  Whether you are looking to save money by reducing your interest rate and/or payment, consolidate debt, home improvement, or cash out, we can help.  The equity in your home is an intricate part of your wealth/retirement, so when considering to refinance its important to properly evaluate.  Call us to do so.  

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Down Payment Assistance

The abominable snowman or even the loch ness monster is some phrases I have heard when referencing down payment assistance.  Why, you ask.  Simple they dont beleive it exists!  The reality is that there are many programs out there waiting to help.  Most of these programs require loan officers and /or lenders to be certified in order to participate.  This is the biggest reason why these programs are not frequently offered as many loan officers are not certified. We are certified with the local county program and work with the municipalities that provide such assistance.



At America's Family Finance, our focus is always Family. We understand the importance and the milestone it is to own a home. Whether you're a first time home buyer, rookie investor, experienced investor, or even a repeat refinance customer, our goal is to provide an unparalleled experience through education/communication, products/rates, and integrity. Our platform empowers borrowers to question and learn all while enjoying the process of becoming a homeowner and/or acquiring a new mortgage through a refinance.
We work with top rated lenders in the nation and offer competitive rates. Give us a call to embark on your real estate journey with a great guide!


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